Floordoc will visit your home or business to assess your floor and its current condition. Following our initial review we will provide a series of recommendations to deliver the best results. Often this can be a combination of sanding, sealing, staining and general maintanence.




Wooden floors look unsightly when they are damaged and can often be dangerous. Our experienced team is qualified in both minor and major floor repairs We can undertake everything from a single floor board replacement to an entire wooden floor. We also specialise in fireplace and hearth removal.


So if your floor has been damaged or needs replacing then get in contact today. 




Effective maintenance can ensure that the beauty of your wooden floor and the quality of the workmanship is maintained. A well maintained floor will avoid unnecessary deteriation of the finish and, ultimately the wood itself.


We work closely with our clients to assess the level of maintanence required and create a tailored plan to ensure you get the most cost effective service. 


If you have any questions regarding the maintanence of your floor, don't hesitate to contact us for further information.







Often the natural finish of your wooden floors is a preferred look. However with staining you can add colour to really enhance its appearance and also match it to your furniture or compliment your rooms colour scheme.


Staining requires real expertise and good quality products to achieve the right results. If done professionally it can really add warmth and character to your home or business.


We also specialise in colour washing to gve a distressed look to the floor and also floor painiting, which is becoming more fashionable these days. We now have over 100 colours to choose from 


To give your wooden floor the perfect finish, we can advise on the very best floor coatings, lacquers, oils and hard wax oils.


We only use the best flooring products from Junkers, Osmo Sacios, Bona, and Morrells.


We can advise you on the very best products for your project, ranging from 0% invisible lacquers upto 90% high gloss finishes.


Many of our clients also use natrual looking oiled finsihes, so what ever result you require, we have the finish for you.


Gaps in your floor can look unsightly and are often drafty. There are a number of methods to solve this problem.


1.Mix fine Wood dust from the sanding process with a special resin to fill between the floor boards.

2. Wooden fillets can be glued into the gaps and then sanded down to provide a smooth finish.

3. Draughte X which is a flexible high strength foam tubing. That is stretched into the gaps and then allowed to relax

4. Flexible mastic which is applied to the gaps and provides a similar finish to a ships deck.